& Friends Band

Depending on who is available we are:


Jerry Draper, guitar and vocals (lead bandit);

Jerry started playing music in the '60s and plays acoustic guitar; Jerry has played informally with several with Celtic and folk music bands over the years and formed & Friends Band to continue the party.

Laura Kvasnosky, ukulele and vocals

Martin O'Neill, songwriter, guitar, and vocals;

Martin was lead singer in the “Chelsea Sidecar” band, a group of teens who formed the band in the mid-sixties.   Over the years Martin formed and played with several local bands to play his original and other popular music.

Marc Batchelder, mandolin 

Eric Multhaup, guitar and vocals

Serge Martial, guitar and vocals (gone but never forgotten)

Michael Lipson, percussion

Ben Randall, drums and inspiration (ever present)